THE CONJUROR’S COOKBOOK• New Paperback Editions

I’m delighted to announce that The Conjuror’s Cookbook, my funny fantasy chapter book series illustrated by Colin Paine, has just been re-published in a set of new print-on-demand editions.

When Jake and his Granny receive a mysterious cookbook they don’t think twice about trying one of the recipes. But this is no ordinary cookbook and the recipes it contains are capable of conjuring up all kinds of magical creatures. 

Each book in the series follows Jake and Granny’s adventures as they prepare one of the cookbook’s magical recipes.

In the first book, Goblin Stew, Granny’s cottage is invaded by a gang of quarrelsome goblin chefs who take every scrap of food they can lay their hands on to prepare an extraordinary meal.

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In Serpent Soup, Jake and Granny summon up a torrent of hot soup that floods the surrounding countryside and brings them to the attention of the souperintendent – a huge, grumpy serpent called Pollapopawibble.

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In Ghostly Goulash, another magical recipe results in a crowd of hungry ghosts who must be fed – or Granny will get thrown out of her cottage.

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And in Fairy Cake, a mischievous fairy gatecrashes Jake’s birthday party and hides all of his guests, forcing Jake and Granny to solve a set of riddles to find them.

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Here is some of the praise the series received from reviewers after it was originally published in 2000:

The Conjuror’s Cookbook series by Jonathan Emmett has irresistible ingredients: a witty, punchy style; an inventive granny; a recipe book with a mind of its own: and a chain of enchanting culinary adventures.”


“Jake’s Granny has a magical cookbook and a selection of amazing ingredients, so when they cook together anything can, and does, happen. For newly-independent readers, these books are liberally illustrated with suitably comic pictures, and the stories are told with vitality and good humour.” 

Here’s a trailer for the series:

You can download a criss-cross activity sheet for the book by clicking on the image below.

And you can order the books from Amazon using the sales link below.

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