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Welcome to my new website and my new blog!

My old Scribble Street web site had been online since my first book was published in 1999. Only 13% of UK homes had internet access back then, but as an early adopter I could see that the internet was going to be a great way for authors to connect with readers and promote their work, so I took the plunge and created a web site. It was one of the very first children’s author’s sites on the internet.

People often misspell my name and early search engines did not recognise and correct this as they do now, so I decided to name my site Scribble Street as this was less likely to be misspelt. 

The homepage of my Scribble Street site in June 2001, a couple of years after going online, and its final incarnation in April 2021.

However, 22 years, 66 books and several site makeovers later, I’ve decided it’s time to for a major refresh. So I’ve created this new site in WordPress (which means it’s much better suited to viewing on mobile devices than my old site) and have given it a new name and domain address.

Most of the content from my old site can also be found on this new site, including pages featuring excerpts and further information on all of my books, but I’ve also included a few additions and improvements including:

SIGNED BOOKS: I have a new shop where readers can buy signed and personalised copies of many of my books

ACTIVITY SHEETS: All of my activity sheets can now be downloaded from a single menu page. 

BOARD AND CARD GAMES: My downloadable board and card games now have their own section.

TEACHING NOTES: Schools can now find teaching notes for some of my books together on one page.

The launch of the new site is timed to coincide with the publication of my new non-fiction picture book, The Plesiosaur’s Neck, which you can find out more about on this page. I will be adding more content, including activity sheets to the page in time for the book’s publication on 6 May.

Another new addition to the site is this blog, which replaces my old Scribble Street News blog, which will remain online at but will no longer be updated.

I hope you like the new site and if you have any feedback or suggestions, do drop me a line or post a comment below this post. 

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