Fast and Fury Racers Tandem Edition

illustrated by Ed Eaves

Two fast-paced, all-action, rhyming adventure stories in one book.

The Silver
Serpent Cup

Today the town of Furryville’s a very noisy place,
crammed with crowds of creatures getting ready for a race.
The air is filled with honking horns and engines revving up,
as racers take their places for

This high-speed, all action, rhyming romp of a picture book follows a colourful group of animal racers as they compete in an extraordinary no-holds-barred race across land, sea and air.

Cleopatra Bones
and the Golden Chimpanzee

“In the ruins of a temple, down a dark and winding stair,
explorer Cleopatra Bones is creeping with great care.
Springing nimbly sideways to avoid a deadly trap,
she squeezes through a secret door and finds …

Join Cleopatra Bones on an intrepid adventure to find the legendary Golden Chimpanzee. But awful Al McNasty is racing to find the treasure too, so who will get there first?

UK Print-On-Demand Small Paperback Omnibus Edition: 
ISBN-13: 978-1739660635
(These two books were originally published in the UK separately by Oxford University Press)

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