The Conjuror’s Cookbook : Set of 4 books

illustrated by Colin Paine

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(Suggested reading age 7-9 years old)

Jakeʼs Granny was the most extraordinary cook. She could cook anything and everything. So, when Great Aunt Elinor sent her a strange book full of magical recipes, she didnʼt think twice about trying them out. It was just as well that Jake was there to help out – you never know what might happen when you open The Conjurorʼs Cookbook.

GOBLIN STEW: When Jake and Granny receive a strange cookbook, they donʼt think twice about trying one of the recipes. After all, Granny is an expert cook. But this is no ordinary cookbook and Goblin Stew is no ordinary recipe. So they soon find themselves with a pot full of surprises and some very unruly guests.

SERPENT SOUP: Jake and Granny are eager to try another recipe from The Conjurorʼs Cookbook — and what could be simpler than soup? But things get out of control and itʼs not long before the two cooks find themselves dangerously out of their depth.

GHOSTLY GOULASH: Jake and Granny have a big problem — the horrible Clobber and Snatchett want to knock down Grannyʼs cottage! Jake thinks cooking another magical recipe from The Conjurorʼs Cookbook will raise their spirits. It does — but theyʼre not the sort of spirits he had in mind.

FAIRY CAKE: Itʼs Jakeʼs birthday, so Granny decides to cook him something extra special from The Conjurorʼs Cookbook. But the recipe doesn’t quite turn out as theyʼd hoped, and they soon realise that theyʼve stirred up more trouble than they can cope with.

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Set of 4 UK Print-on-demand Paperbacks


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