Wanda Wallaby Finds Her Bounce

illustrated by Mark Chambers

Wanda Wallaby can’t find her bounce!
She asks all the other animals but no one can help. Until she meets the crocodile – whose advice has a remarkable effect on the innocent Wanda.

“Witty drawings in a fun story
with a punchline that will make you smile.”
Martin Chilton, THE TELEGRAPH

“A clever, funny book for age three and upwards.”

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Another good animal-based tale, part of a fine series by ZLS London Zoo, is Wanda Wallaby Finds Her Bounce by Jonathan Emmett (illustrated by Mark Chambers) which has witty drawings in a fun story with a punchline that will make you smile.
Martin Chilton, THE TELEGRAPH

The repetitious language is well judged for the age group – simple without being banal – and it complements the lively pictures beautifully. A great picture book to enjoy and share.
Margaret Mallet, BOOKS FOR KEEPS

A clever, funny book for age three and upwards.

The watercolour illustrations are captivating and engaging for small eyes, and Wanda really does appear to move through the story. Another interesting aspect is the use of all 5 senses through the story – Wanda asks the animals what her bounce might look, smell, sound, feel and taste like. This would be a good entry point to further explore and discover the 5 senses with young readers … This book really is a lovely one, with a humorous twist at the end, which small readers will enjoy. Recommended.
Freya Lucas, READPLUS

Mark Chambers sensitive outline holds the images in a landscape of textures, and the actions are transparently clear; tiny white winged flies dance on each frame and finding them could be a little game to play as the pages turn. The endpaper shows the animals, all Australian, which are featured in the story, with brief details about each one. The young reader can then well understand how the animal’s natural behaviour is embedded in the tale.