Ruby the Duckling
Story Collection

illustrated by Rebecca Harry

One small duckling discovers a world of adventure in this collection of three expertly told and beautifully illustrated picture book stories.

Ruby Flew Too!


She is the littlest of five ducklings. She is the last to eat and the last to swim. Father Duck worries that Ruby won’t catch up. But Mother Duck knows that Ruby will flourish
… in her own time.

🇺🇸 Previously published in the US as Ruby, In Her Own Time.
🇬🇧 Original UK hardback edition published as Once Upon A Time, Upon a Nest.

This Way, Ruby!


Ruby’s brothers and sisters are always rushing off in search of an adventure. “This way, Ruby!” they call, as they race through reed beds and up onto the bank. But little Ruby follows slowly, in her own time, so that she can take in all the lovely things that surround her. Which is just as well, for when the ducklings are lost in a storm, only Ruby can find the way home!

Go For It, Ruby!


Ruby is a careful duckling who likes to take things slowly, in her own time. But her new friend Errol is bustling and bold! Together they make the perfect team. Ruby’s careful thinking sees them through a maze of reeds, but when faced with a steep and dangerous waterfall, will Ruby have time to stop and think, or will she just have to GO FOR IT?


UK Print-On-Demand Paperback Omnibus: 
ISBN-13: 978-1739660642

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